Thermocouple cables

Thermocouple cables are fundamental in industrial plants as refineries, oil and petrol plants, but also they are suitable for chemical and petrochemical environments. Thermocouple cables are important in this regard because they perform a crucial function in acquiring accurate data from a thermocouple. These are devices that measure the temperature through the voltage difference generated by two different metals that are connected at a given point.

Where thermocouple cables can be used intelligently

Industrial plants
Oil and Petrol plants
Chemical and Petrochemical environments

Main features of our thermocouple cables

Since the voltage generated by the thermocouple is very small, the cable used to connect the thermocouple to the measuring equipment must be carefully selected to avoid the generation of errors. Thermocouple cables are in this way important because they allow you to obtain accurate and reliable temperature measurements, minimizing measurement errors caused by high resistance and thermal capacity or by the wrong choice of cable type based on the thermocouple used.

Thermocouple cables on request

Since each type of thermocouple has a specific behavior in terms of voltage generated as a function of the temperature, the cable used must be chosen according to the type of thermocouple used to ensure maximum accuracy in measuring the temperature. Two of the most important strengths of the FLEI brand are undoubtedly the enormous flexibility, which goes hand in hand with the ability to respond to customer needs with custom-made thermocouple cables:

  • Conductors: Jx-Tx-Vx-Wx-Sx-Rx;
  • armour: steel tape, steel wire, steel wire braid, steel flat wires or Tinned Phosphore bronze wire braid;

  • Screen: Aluminium/polyester tape, copper/polyester tape, copper wire, copper wire braid;

  • Halogen Free;

  • Fire resistant;

  • Suitable for chemical and petrochemical environments
  • Made on customer request
  • Obtain accurate and reliable temperature measurements
  • Minimized measurement errors

The “customized” production of electrical cables

Flei has extensive experience in the production of electric cables: instrumentation Cables, low voltage power cables, Thermocouple, power cables and fire resistant cables. Our production is able to meet the needs of the customer, relying on a wide range of insulation materials, shielding, armor and certification. Our cables are not kept in warehouse stock but are made on customer request.