The staff of FLEI Srl, in the execution of the activities laid down by the President needs to step up its efforts, its knowledge and skills in order to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency of work processes in order to increase competitiveness of the company consolidated and emerging markets.

At the strategic level are therefore priority the following objectives:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Continuous adjustment of business structure and production capacity to market requirements;
  • Exploitation of resources;
  • Compliance with the mandatory requirements;
  • Respect of contractual requirements;
  • Elimination of failure and non-compliance in the provision of the service.

 In order to achieve the set objectives, the FLEI Srl has promoted the implementation of a quality management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
In addition, the quality management system is intended as a tool to:

  • Optimize business activity and encourage continuous improvement;
  • Systematic monitoring, through appropriate indicators, the activities carried out;
  • Verify the obtained results;
  • Anticipating any corrective actions and improvement actions.

The quality management system has the task of supporting the implementation of this quality policy, promoting the necessary training and awareness of internal staff and external resources. Each manager of Corporate Service needs to respond, within its remit, the achievement of objectives. Any dispute shall be referred to the President who shall act as arbitrator and will report the methods for resolution.

All staff are required to contribute so that the quality policy can be implemented.
The implementation of this quality policy and verification of achievement of objectives will be systematically reviewed by the President. This quality policy, made available to interested parties through publication on the company’s website, will be reviewed at least annually to determine their continued eligibility.