Since 1970, the production of electric cables in name of the Made in Italy

For more than 50 years, FLEI has been a consolidated and specialized company in the production of high quality electrical cables. A brand whose strengths are flexibility and speed of product delivery.

Indeed, FLEI offers a customized Made in Italy offer, which from the Brianza area (Northern Italy) exports special and instrumental electrical cables related to the Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical sectors to numerous markets around the world: England, Scotland, but also Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Egypt and the Middle East.

The “customized” production of electrical cables

Flei has extensive experience in the production of electric cables: instrumentation Cables, low voltage power cables, Thermocouple, power cables and fire resistant cables. Our production is able to meet the needs of the customer, relying on a wide range of insulation materials, shielding, armor and certification. Our cables are not kept in warehouse stock but are made on customer request.

Industrial plants

Chemical and petrochemical plants


Power plants

Offshore platforms

Manufacturers of electric cables driven by passion and expertise

Flei is a reality that has always been 100% “made in Brianza” that embodies the potential and expertise of the Territory. Focus on market, the Flei electric cables follow the constant performance improvement at all the levels, to fully and quickly satisfy any customer need, in accordance with national and international lows and specifications. All driven by the same passion and desire to get involved that has always distinguished our company specializing in electrical cables.

  • Different application sectors
  • Flexibility
  • Minimum production quantities
  • Varied targets
  • High production speed
  • High quality standards

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