Offshore cables

Offshore cables are used in a functional way for fixed wiring on ships and on mobile and landline offshore unit. Given the delicate scope of application, these must necessarily meet high quality standards and internationally recognized certifications. Flei has been active in the production of offshore cables for a long time international market. A certified and expressed know-how with revitalized and ambitious goals through safe products and quality of service. All this thanks to a team of professionals, with a long technical experience in this field, who ensures the use of high-tech materials and their production to satisfy any request for offshore cables, according to the standards in use: BS, IEC.

Where offshore cables can be used intelligently

Oil and gas extraction
Petrochemical industry
Naval industry

Main features of our cables for offshore platforms

The safety and reliability of offshore cables are essential because a failure or malfunction could cause serious safety problems or disruptions in power supply or communications. In addition, the remote location of offshore platforms makes access for maintenance and repair of cables difficult, so offshore cables must be constructed of highly corrosion-resistant materials and designed to withstand severe environmental conditions such as open seas, waves and strong winds.

The quality of our cables for offshore platforms

Offshore platform cables are critical to the efficiency and safety of offshore operations, and must be designed and built to be highly reliable and resistant to extreme conditions. Offshore platform cables are also extremely important as they allow power, data and signals to be transported between the platform and the continent or between different offshore platforms. Two of the most important strengths of the FLEI brand are undoubtedly the enormous flexibility, which goes hand in hand with the ability to respond to customer needs with custom-made offshore cables.

  • armour: steel tape, steel wire , steel wire braid ,steel flat wires or Tinned Phospore bronze wire braid
  • Screen: Aluminium/polyester tape, copper/polyester tape, copper wire, copper wire braid
  • Halogen Free
  • Fire resistant
  • Core colors on request
  • Used in a functional way
  • Certified and expressed know-how
  • High quality standards
  • Highly corrosion-resistant materials

The “customized” production of electrical cables

Flei has extensive experience in the production of electric cables: instrumentation Cables, low voltage power cables, Thermocouple, power cables and fire resistant cables. Our production is able to meet the needs of the customer, relying on a wide range of insulation materials, shielding, armor and certification. Our cables are not kept in warehouse stock but are made on customer request.