Low voltage power cables

Power cables

Low voltage power cables are used in a wide variety of applications: from construction and industry to renewable energy generation and telecommunications.

Where low voltage power cables
can be used intelligently

Building sector
Industrial installations
Chemical and Petrochemical environments

Main features of our low voltage power cables

Low voltage electric cables must have certain characteristics to ensure correct operation and the safety of systems and people. For example, they must be able to carry the required electrical current without overheating or damage, and they must have high-quality, resistant insulation. They must also be able to withstand mechanical stresses, such as torsion and traction, without breaking or damage, and they must be resistant to bad weather, such as humidity, rain, wind and snow. Not to mention that cables require a long useful life, in order to minimize maintenance and replacement costs.

The quality of our low voltage power cables

It’s essential that low voltage electric cables must possess a combination of characteristics which guarantees the correct functioning and safety of the systems. Safety, experience and expertise are in fact concentrated in a versatile and high quality product.Two of the most important strengths of the FLEI brand are undoubtedly the enormous flexibility, which goes hand in hand with the ability to respond to customer needs with custom-made low voltage electric cables.

  • armour: steel tape, steel wire , steel wire braid or steel flat wires
  • Screen:  copper wire or copper wire braid
  • Halogen Free
  • Fire resistant
  • Versatile and high quality product
  • Minimized maintenance
  • Long useful life
  • Certain characteristics

The “customized” production of electrical cables

Flei has extensive experience in the production of electric cables: instrumentation Cables, low voltage power cables, Thermocouple, power cables and fire resistant cables. Our production is able to meet the needs of the customer, relying on a wide range of insulation materials, shielding, armor and certification. Our cables are not kept in warehouse stock but are made on customer request.