Instrumentation cables

Instrumentation cables can be utilized in process plants to connect instrumentations. They are important because carry electrical or electronic signals between measuring instruments, controllers, sensors, and other control and regulation devices. Indeed, the accuracy and reliability of measurements and controls largely depend on the quality of the instrumentation cables used. Usually they take their place in industrial plants as rafinery or petrol deposit. These armoured cables are also designed to connect electrical instrument circuits and to provide communication service in and around process plants.

Where instrumentation cables can be used intelligently

Direct burial applications
Petrochemical industry
Areas with fire risk, dense smoke and toxic fumes

Main features of our instrumentation cables

Instrumentation cables can be screened, armoured, laid up in pairs, triads or quads. Instrumentation cables must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, vibration, humidity, and harsh chemicals, without compromising their structural integrity or their signal transmission capability.

Instrumentation cables on request

Instrumentation cables are a critical component in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of measurements and controls in a wide variety of industrial, scientific and automation applications.
Two of the most important strengths of the FLEI brand are undoubtedly the enormous flexibility, which goes hand in hand with the ability to respond to customer needs with custom-made instrumentation cables:

  • armour: steel tape, steel wire , steel wire braid or steel flat wires

  • Screen: Aluminium/polyester tape, copper/polyester tape, copper wire, copper wire braid

  • Halogen Free

  • Fire resistant

  • Enormous felxibility
  • Structural integrity
  • Certified and expressed know-how
  • Signal transmission capability

The “customized” production of electrical cables

Flei has extensive experience in the production of electric cables: instrumentation Cables, low voltage power cables, Thermocouple, power cables and fire resistant cables. Our production is able to meet the needs of the customer, relying on a wide range of insulation materials, shielding, armor and certification. Our cables are not kept in warehouse stock but are made on customer request.